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We Shut Down a Movie Theatre

I am so proud of what we created and felt it deserved more than a Youtube release so we partnered up with Majestic Bay Theatres to throw a proper red carpet premier.


The idea in my head was a lot bigger than the budget we had access to but that didn't stop us.

The video was filmed with a $1 million vision, $300 budget and 4 people.

We shot the entire project in 2 days between 3 locations: Death Valley, Angel's Ladies Brothel, and a private estate in Walnut, CA. The message behind the video is 'Own Your Journey'. Whether you're on top of a mountain or lost in the desert, you are in control of what you do next. Are you lost or exploring?


The premier was perfect and my cheeks still hurt from smiling all night. I'm so grateful for the amazing humans I'm surrounded by. Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of my crazy little world.

For those of you not able to make it to the premier, you should subscribe to my Youtube so you can watch it the second it drops!

P.S. We did not intentionally order the cardboard cutout smaller than was the company's mistake! Hilarious nonetheless..😂

Special thank you to Majestic Bay Theatres, Miguel (, Sarah Archer, Samantha Christensen, Katy Brandt, and Martha for all your help.

Here are a few photos from the premier, enjoy! Feel free to post additional photos below if you have them. xx

All photos by Samantha Witt (

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