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NEW | Originals Vs. Produced Youtube Series

Songwriter is to producer as writer is to illustrator.

I've recently started working with producers, instead of a live band, and I've been loving it. The process is SO different. With a live band, there's weeks (sometimes months) of practice where the band and I figure out each instruments part. After months of practice, we go in to a studio and record each instrument separately, typically finishing a song in 2-3 days. With a producer, I take a voice memo of the song at home, send it via email, and then receive a rough draft version of the song at home after a few days. From there, I usually go to the producer's studio with notes and build the song out together.

Not only is the process much different, but so is the outcome. Gone are the days of being limited to bass, guitar, drums, piano and horns. With a producer, anything can be a sound. For instance, I have a song coming out called 'Queen' that features two 4'x4' pieces of wood being banged together. Like, what?

All that being said, I've been obsessed with the transformation my songs have had since working with producers and I thought you might enjoy it too.

In my new series "Originals Vs. Produced", I'll be performing my songs as they were originally written (usually just piano and vocal) and then comparing them to their full produced versions.

As always, tell me what you think!

Episode 1 and 2 are out now. Links are below. Enjoy. xoxo

Episode #1: Night - Produced by Jake Crocker

Episode #2: What We've Become - Produced by Jake Crocker

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