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...the album is done.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

From conception to completion, it only took 8 years. That's pretty good, right? Lol

I remember the exact moment I decided I wanted my album to be called Flight Risk. I was working as a cashier/busser at the local burger joint when my manager called me into the office to talk about my behavior.

'You were late again today' she said. Obviously I knew this and couldn't care less.

'Yeah, I'm sorry. I stayed up really late writing music last night and-' She cut me off, obviously caring even less than me. Impressive.

'Look, if writing music is more important than your job then I need to know that. We can't continue to schedule you if you are going to keep being late. You're just too much of a flight risk at this point.'

I realized then that there was no job in the world that would be more important to me than writing music - so I thanked my manager for the amazing album name and quit.


Flight Risk comes this June.

Made possible by these amazing humans -

Jake Crocker

Produced 5 of the 9 tracks on the album. I came to him with voice memos and he sent me off with masterpieces. Follow him

Milo Eubank (Left)

AKA Lost Boys Studios. MASTERMIND mixing engineer and all around solid human. Because of his insane knowledge and skill, we were able to record the entire album in 5 DAYS. Unbelieveable. Follow him at

Dimiter Yordanov (Right)

The professional behind the soothing tones of the sweet guitar on the album. If you're looking for perfection, I highly recommend! Follow him at


We met for a writing session one time and ended up making one of my favorite songs on the album! Go follow him at


The behind the scenes, makes shit happen, ride or die, boss lady mamasita that literally EVERYONE needs. xo Follow her at

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