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"With nothing to hide behind in a stripped-back Sofar set, Scarlet's talent comes alive by juggling her powerful voice within a beautiful mixture of genres. Goosebumps every time!"

Amy Sirupino, Sofar

Upstream Music Fest 2017 (150ppl)

Volume Fest 2017 (300ppl)

Belltown Bash 2019 (250ppl)

Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 (900 ppl)

Summer Splash 2019 (500 ppl)

Equal parts singer, songwriter, and dream coach, Scarlet Parke is a lighthouse for dreamers. Driven by an inexorable force to create, persevere, and grow through her trauma, Scarlet’s music will make you feel every feeling. She leaves no topic unturned and brings you into her world as her best friend and secret keeper. Outside of music, Scarlet is a vivid advocate for aspiring artists and empowering their success via her company, Parke Ave. Parke Ave is an online community that focuses on curating opportunities for local/unsigned artists via events, playlists, and local business partnerships.

To learn more about Parke Ave, please visit www.parkeave.com


"Seattle’s pop album of the summer. Triumphant."

"Scarlet Parke is a singer you need to know."