Flight Risk, the debut LP from Seattle, WA artist Scarlet Parke is a detailed soundscape teeming with dynamic energy. Weaving together pop, avant-soul, downtempo EDM, and traces of Latin world accents, the album has a little something for everyone. Ornamented and elaborate, Flight Risk was crafted with vision and intention, each song digging deeper than many dare. Sultry, yet perhaps a touch trite, this is a record built for fast cars and dark nights.  A story of self-love, female empowerment, and acceptance, Parke’s music goes straight for the gut; igniting a spark in each of us.


Parke, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, is blessed with a voice that glides effortlessly between smoky blues staccato and soaring, delicate glissando. A melodic collection of flashbulb vignettes, the record is a reflection of the trials and tribulations of a young person navigating through the new millennium. “I’ve been called a ‘flight risk’ by people my entire life,” remarks Parke. “That was true because until recently, I never felt settled. Lately, though, my entire life and mentality did a 180.” Flight Risk is an intensely personal record, filled with the profound sense of freedom that comes from a teenage joyride with the windows-down, basking in the solace of moonlight. Yet, through Parke’s poignant, painterly lyricism, it speaks to the universal.